Games We Still Love to Play

   Kaitlin Hutson

   As children of a young age, everyone loved to play with toys and/or games. From dress up to Hot Wheels, we all had those little pieces lying around the house for our parents to step on. Once we start growing older and older, we become more and more uninterested in those very toys/ games or do we just recreate them into something more fit for an older age?

   For instance, girls love to play dress up during their younger stage of their adolescence. Dressing up in their mother’s fancy clothes, putting on a favorite fairy princess costume, and parading around, have something in common with a girl in her young adult years. The connection is simple; shopping. It’s just like dress up. When shopping, a girl must try on the items she likes before they are bought, either to show off to friends/family or just to see what it looks like on. Once bought, the plan is to parade around in the item of clothing.

   Related to dress up, little girls love to put an excessive amount of make up on their face with many crazy colors. Once a girl grows into her teenage years, she still uses makeup, but on a more simple level without the use of so much color and amount applied.

   “I loved playing dress up. I always set up a mall and would pretend my closet was a store. I created all of these wacky costumes and everything,” said Tristan Pope, junior.

   At a young age boys love to play with little toy cars, such as Hot Wheels. Crashing, racing, and creating the coolest looking toy cars is what they do best. As they mature into their teenage years, boys are still fascinated with cars. You may not see them crashing into each other or racing, but in every stage of a boy’s life, they love to show off what they’ve got. We see and hear it every day.

   Since the creation of video games, little boys spend hours on end playing video games on the computer. From the websites of nickelodeon to Disney channel, there is an endless list of games little boys love to play. As boys grow older and older, video games are still a big priority. They may not be playing computer games, but they certainly will be playing video games on new technologies such as the Wii, PlayStation or Xbox. These games are more likely to be more violent and difficult than ones of an early age.

   “I totally agree with this idea. I used to love to play army man when I was little. Now I play Call of Duty on the computer. They both have to do with fighting,” Kyle Denny, junior.

   Those are just a few of the many examples of how toys/games can still be a part of each stage of someone’s life. So, think back to what you’ve played with the most when you were little and see if it has any relation to your life now.