Garage Sales

v  Kaitlin Hutson

   As the winds blow through the valley, a gust of spring has fallen upon us. We all know what that means, garage sale time! More and more garage sale signs have been popping up on the sides of roads everywhere. 

   It is understandable that the annual “spring cleaning” can be a hassle. Having to thoroughly clean the whole house, inside and out, is a very stressful matter when there is too much to handle. Although, getting rid of the old things that are just sitting on the shelf in the closet or clothes from years ago can be a very rewarding thing by kissing goodbye the excess clutter and earning a little extra money on the side.

   “When my mom gets on my back about spring cleaning I just nod my head and hide everything under my bed or closet,” said, Jesse Attaway, sophomore.

 Early Saturday and Sunday mornings can be a very competitive ordeal. To hit the sales early, the average garage sale shopper wakes up at the crack of dawn and waits until the sale opens, to beat all of the others to it.

   “I love going to garage sales really early in the morning! My mom and I always get up really early to hit the sales. Who wouldn’t want to get an awesome deal on some cool stuff that someone never really used?” said, Rachel Owen, freshman.

   The competiveness can come from the garage sale hosts as well. It is quite common to see garage sales, just right down the street from each other on the same day. Having the most stuff in a garage sale is a must. When there is a sale that seems to have more items, there is no chance. People do not want to come to a garage sale that doesn’t have interesting items, especially when compared to another just down the street or around the corner.

   “It’s like working at Goodwill. People get crazy!” said Sarah Miller, senior.

   As a whole, garage sales have a very competitive nature about them. While shopping, trying to beat the rush can be an ambitious and antagonistic manner. When hosting, the aggressive side comes out as the thought of another garage sale near enters the mind. It’s just a dog-eat-dog kind of feeling in the world of garage sales.