Josh Turner: Punching Bag Tour

By Andrea Ward

   Josh Turner, 34 year old country hit singer just revealed his punch bag tower. To introduce his new album being released in July, Josh Turner premiered the song  “Punching Bag” at the Austin Rodeo Arena. As he approached the stage, high pitched screams came from the audience, full of enthused women. A Dodge Ram pickup truck drove up, and delivered him to the stage as he began to serenade his listeners with his deep baritone voice. Later on in the show he introduced his fellow band members, one of which is his wife, Jennifer. She plays keyboard on his tours, and sings background vocals. Together they have three sons. This shows how close their family truly is, that she would travel with her husband in order to support the family business of music.

   Josh Turner will really shock you as an authentic country singer. Appearing to the stage in a plain white V-neck and wrangler jeans shows you just how real he is. This man is a singer of integrity and spirituality. He values religion and family, love and life, and it shows in his work. Some of the best artist have their voices are altered on albums in order for better presentation. However, Turner sounds the same both on the stage and on the radio. Altogether he presents himself well, sings with amazing pitch and acuity, and hears his audience with integrity.

   Appearing in Austin, Texas where tons of live music opportunities happen daily, helps stimulate Austin’s economy and Josh Turner’s reputation in the heart of Texas. Being that the Rodeo had some tough competition with South by Southwest this spring break, Josh Turner truly prevailed on his concert night. The Austin Rodeo also featured other hit artists including the Eli Young Band, Jake Owen, Kevin Fowler, and even Demi Lavato. Next spring break, definitely put this rodeo on your to do list!