Lydia Hutchison: professional model

By Makenna Williams

   Any spotlight could shine on her and would not take her by surprise.  With such confidence it is no wonder that Lydia Hutchison is so comfortable in front of a camera.  The beautiful 5’10” blond with a generous, down to earth personality is a model for Wilhelmina, a top notch, world famous modeling agency.

   The LHS junior has been modeling since October 5, 2010 “I remember the date and even walking into the agency!”  Lydia said.  She even noted that one of the craziest modeling jobs she had to do was stand on top of a trash can in the middle of Austin.

   “I’ve even worked with Ron King (a hair stylist who does hair for President Obama and other famous people), Celestino Couture, and Bodoir Queen,” she said.  Lydia will be moving to New York to possibly sign with a bigger agency to fulfill her dream of becoming an internationally traveling model.

   Lydia still attends school when her job allows it.  “In the modeling world it’s cut throat and going to the student world is a relief; it’s relaxing,” she said.  Even though Lydia is a junior, he sense in style clearly shows that Lydia is ahead of the game.

   “I feel like my style is a bit more mature than others; I have a stylist who gives me tips.  I like having my own style rather than following my friends,” Lydia said.

   Because Lydia is a successful model at such a young age, she was forced to grow up fast.  “I try to hold on to the simplicity of being a child,” she said.  Lydia even tried to keep her modeling job on the down low at first.

   “I didn’t want to be JUST Lydia the model, but it makes me, me.”  Lydia’s best friends, Kayleigh Alsheir and Isaac Tubonenni are always there for her.  “I love having friends over; it helps me relax.”

   Anyone who knows Lydia can easily say that she is very down to earth, but as a model it’s also easy to stereotype.  “The stereotypes go half and half.  I see modeling as art, and some see it like that too.  Others just see me as stuck up,” but no matter what is said Lydia remains positive.  “It’s who I am; I’m not scared of judgment,” Lydia said.

   Lydia’s day doesn’t end at modeling and school.  “I dance for ballet Austin; I like hiking, and sometimes doing yoga,” she said.  With a very busy life Lydia still puts people before herself.  “I really care about the world; I can’t sleep at night knowing that there are people in need.”

   “I’m here for a greater purpose; not to just fulfill my dreams, but to fulfill others too!” Lydia said. 

   Successful, beautiful, smart – Lydia Hutchison to real deal.