New Lions – Q & A with Foreign Exchange Students (part 3)

By Caio Jahaq_and_ara

Name: (Johnny) Chan In, Lai

Home country: Hong Kong, China


 Brothers & Sisters: One Sister

 Language(s): Catonese (Mandarin variation), English 

 Favorite American food: Hamburger

 Favorite music/favorite artists: POP

 Favorite class at LHS: Environmental Science

 Favorite sport(s): Football

 Hobbies: Travel, Music, Movie

 How often do you communicate back home? 2 days a week

 How homesick are you?  Not much

 You may be the first person from Hong Kong that Leander students have ever seen, what is the main thing about your country that you try to tell them?

The main thing I try to tell them is that Hong Kong is in China and not in Japan! I also tell them that school here gives more freedom to students than in China  

  What are the main differences between your Host family and your real family?

The main differences between my host family and my real family are that my host parents are older, I do not have any brother and, of course, they speak a different language.