Platos Closet

v  Kaitlin Hutson

   As this economy keeps going down, so does our ability to spend money on certain basic necessities, clothing for example. Very rarely do people spend money on designer and name brand clothing anymore. Now there is a better and cheaper way to buy those name brand clothing items, shop at Platos Closet.

   Platos Closet is a resale clothing store specifically for junior sizes. The clothing that they have isn’t like the normal resale store you see out in the middle of nowhere with clothes that stink, smell like smoke and are just plain ugly, it’s all name brand clothing, gently used that has been in the mall stores over the past year with all very up to date items.  

   Everything is brought in by people who have clothes in their closets that they do not wear anymore. Anyone can bring in unwanted items of clothing or accessories, and the best part is that when they look through your things, you get paid in cash the same day, for the stuff that they would like to sell in the store!

   They sell pretty much everything you need in any wardrobe such as, jeans, tanks, short and long sleeve shirts, shorts, pants, and dresses. They also sell many accessories such as, sunglasses (not resale), jewelry, belts, purses, shoes and scarves. Even guys can come in and shop for clothes too. There is a whole section just for guy stuff.

   The best part about this whole store is the incredible prices. You can get a cute summer dress for about $6. Even Ambercrombie and Fitch, and Hollister jeans are just about $20, when originally you can get them for about $50. Shirts range from about $6 to $10 and so many more items can sell very cheaply.

   Even in this crashing economy, you can still look good, get rid of some clothes you don’t wear anymore and get some extra cash in your pocket.  So, stop by and check out Platos Closet. It’s located at the Ranch, on Whitestone Blvd. by the Super Target, and Half Price Books.