Run to live, live to run

Freshman Elizabeth Roca sets high expectations in track


Nikki Schwalbach

Roca running the 400 meter dash. She has been running track since the seventh grade.

by Amanda Nguyen, Staff Writer

She is running to get to class on time, running to release stress, running to improve her time, running towards her future.  As she crosses the finish line, she knows she’s one step closer to breaking her personal record.

Freshman Elizabeth Roca is on the Varsity track team. She runs the 400 meter dash, 200 meter dash, 4x100m relay, 4x400m relay, and long jumps. She is also an IB transfer from Vista Ridge high school.

“I’ve been running track ever since the seventh grade,” freshman Elizabeth Roca said. “I have always enjoyed running and I think I will continue to all throughout high school, college and adulthood.”

This year, Roca broke the school record in the 400 meter dash, running a 57.87.

“I got third out of eight in that race,” Roca said. “When I crossed the finish line, I had no idea that I had just broke a school record. It was a great feeling and I felt so proud.”

When the season is not going on, Roca is a member of a track club outside of school. During the summer, they have practice and meets each week.

“Part of the reason why I’m so good for a freshman is because of the track club I’m in,” Roca said. “It has really pushed me to be better, and it has benefited me in the long run.”

Roca says she receives lots of support from her friends, family and coaches. She thanks them for all of their encouragement and for pushing her to do better.

She is one of my best athletes this year. I have seen her go from great to excellent and I am so lucky to have her in my program.

— Gigi Heermans

Roca plans to continue track next year, as she says she looks forward to competing with her team mates.

“I look forward to see what Roca will bring back next year,” Coach Heermans said. “I expect great things from her in the future.”