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Doing it all

Senior balances all of her responsibilities

December 4, 2015


Jack Densmore

Senior Sierra Stevenson is apart of the varsity volleyball team, and the advanced placement program. She plans to go into nursing at college.

Volleyball. AP. Student Council. College. Nursing. Faith. This many things could stress out anyone, but not one senior.

Senior Sierra Stevenson balances all these things in her life. She plays for the varsity volleyball team, works on her Advanced Placement classes, prepares for college to go into nursing and also plans to go on to a mission trip. To stay organized, she makes lists.

“I make lists all the time,” Stevenson said. “Then I also focus on being positive and not stressing.”

She has played volleyball since the seventh grade, and this year was her final year playing for the Lady Lions.

“I loved any type of competition,” Stevenson said. “[My favorite part about volleyball] was getting a kill or digging a hard hit.”

She is also a member of Student Council, serving as student body president.

“I love helping people, and one of the best ways for me to do that is to help make our school a better place for students to attend for the next four years,” Stevenson said. “That is what we do in student council.”

After high school, she plans to attend Brigham Young University to pursue a degree in nursing.

“I decided [on nursing] this year,” Stevenson said. “Excluding this year, these past years I would change weekly on what I wanted to get into. One week I would want to be a hairdresser, and the next a teacher.”

It was her experiences in certain classes that ultimately helped in making her decision.

“I took Anatomy and Physiology this year, and have noticed how much I love learning about the body and how it works,” Stevenson said. “I also love helping people.”

The most interesting part about nursing to Stevenson is the human body.

“Learning about the power of our bodies [is the most interesting],” Stevenson said. “I could be sleeping and yet my body is still hard at work sending signals, creating cells, fighting bacteria and helping to sustain my health. I’m so excited to learn about the the power of the body and also share my knowledge with others.”

However, she does have a backup plan if her plans don’t all work out, though it’s kind of extreme. 

I’m so excited to learn about the the power of the body and also share my knowledge with others.

— Sierra Stevenson

“If all else fails, I wouldn’t mind becoming a skydiving instructor,” Stevenson said.

Outside of school, she will be attending a mission trip for her church when she turns 19.

“I will serve an one and a half year mission where I will spread the gospel to others and serve people,” Stevenson said. “I won’t know where I’m going until I send my application and that will be closer to when I turn 19.”

In the past, her family has gone on mission trips, which only makes her more excited.

“I am so excited,” Stevenson said. “I wish I could go right now. My sister went to Australia, and my brother is in Chile right now.”

Stevenson’s love for helping people comes from the feeling after she feels when doing it.

“When I get the opportunity to serve someone, it fills me with joy,” Stevenson said. “I also believe that when I am serving others I am serving my heavenly father who I owe everything to.”

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