The Many Sides of Michael Berry


Siandhara Bonnet

Junior Michael Berry on the field and on the court

by Siandhara Bonnet, Editor-in-Chief

Either on the field or on the court, junior Michael Berry does his best, giving his all for both of his teams. Not only did he play tight end for football and scored the first touchdown of the past season, but he also plays forward in basketball on the varsity team. However, due to an injury at the end of football season, Berry was benched for tournament season in basketball, but is now playing, and excelling, in district play.

Berry’s football journey began when he was young with flag football. He eventually worked his way into tackle.

“I’ve played every season since then,” Berry said, “so that’s 10 seasons at least.”

He came onto the varsity team through hard work and accepting challenges.

“I don’t really pass up a challenge that doesn’t make me better,” Berry said, “so I always accept challenges and I always try to push forward and overcome [them].”

Berry’s basketball career started around the same age when started football, and his mother was a large influence on this part of his athletic career.

“My mom played basketball for A&M for a few years,” Berry said. “She helped me with my technique and how to be good at basketball and how to play the game. Like with football, I’ve played basketball for every year [since I’ve joined].”

After his injury, Berry wasn’t all that affected because, being an athlete, this wasn’t his first injury that has taken him out of the game. His first was a back injury from freshmen year that ended his baseball career and began his stint in wrestling.

“I was out twice for that,” Berry said. “It was a lot more, to me, it was more of a serious injury because if I break it again, then there’s a good chance I can’t ever play again.”

Comparing the two injuries, Berry has had a relatively simple time adjusting his life to a broken collarbone.

“I had to take [my broken back] more seriously,” Berry said. “When I broke my collarbone, it was just another one of those things. I just had to take it easy let time run its course, gotta do my stuff, my rehab, to get it better, stronger, so it won’t do it again.”

Now that he is no longer in a sling, he has joined his teammates in district play, giving it his all.

“[My broken collar bone has made a little impact], but again it all comes back to me breaking my back,” Berry said. “When I broke my back, it took me a while to realize that God has a plan for me and that no matter how hard it is, he’s always gonna be there, so it’s just one of those things. I had to let God handle it all and I knew he was going to take care of me.”