Fabulous Freshmen

Editor’s Note: Our goal for this category is to seek and find Fabulous Freshmen, Sassy Sophomores and Jazzy Juniors on our campus and to showcase their talents. These personality profiles will focus on the incredible variety of students on our campus. \

Fabulous Freshman – Terry Ballard: Lights, camera, action!

By Taryn Sanderson

   Lights, camera, action.  Finishing the remains of a taco, Terry Ballard intently parks himself in the director’s seat.

   Using provoking thoughts, Terry is sure to succeed in school. “I try to look at the big picture; it’s my philosophy,” said Terry Ballard.   Actions are more relevant when Terry focuses on his surroundings’ point of view.  His outlook on this matter brings a refreshing standpoint to society by understanding others instead of being absorbed in his own.

    Terry keeps an eye out for his peers and tends to be a little more focused than others.  Face book has become extremely popular among youth today, the majority spending numerous hours on the networking site.  “Homework comes first,” he said. 

   The sharp freshman explains that he rarely spends time on Face book; he only has one to stay in touch with friends from Rouse (a high school located farther into Leander).  This mindset of ‘school comes first’ just might explain his success as an A student.

   With Terry’s direct personality, one can only imagine what’s in store for this aspiring young man.  “If the money allows, I want to be in film making,” he said.

   Cinematography is his passion.  Low budget film making is where he tends to aim and plans on taking photography classes throughout the rest of his high school career.  He plans to eventually make a name for himself sitting in the director’s seat.

   When Terry is asked about changing the ways of the United States; he is crystal clear on his opinion.  “Lobbyists are too involved in political campaigns,” said Terry.  His immediate response provoked his thoughts on the way Sweden runs their government system. 

   “They say what they believe; they don’t spend that much money on the campaign.”  His point is captivating and his solution is simple.  Terry says he would like to set a system that isn’t too absorbed in the rich or the poor.

   Terry also enjoys the sentimental side of life.  Terry admires his family.  Terry lives with his little sister but not with his older step brother.  Even though he doesn’t spend as much time with his brother and his little sister, he likes them both.

   It’s not hard to recognize where he comes from with his long, black wavy hair and his dark brown eyes.  His Hispanic background explains his interest in food, especially tacos.

   “It’s vivid and hot,” Terry said.  He explains his interest in the color red exquisitely and distinctively.

   This extremely intelligent and mature young man will continue to illustrate life with his own shade of red.