Fascinating person: Kaylee Cisna

by Avery Regan


Most people believe that cheerleading isn’t a sport, but for Kaylee Cisna the cheer gym is a second home. She spends most of her time at PrimeTime Cheer perfecting her tumbling skills and getting conditioned to that season’s routine. At cheer practice, the team members are expected to go through their routine over and over until every person on the team is too tired to function.

“I love cheering at PrimeTime, because it’s where I started and the staff has gotten me so far,” she said.

Kaylee’s role model is Carlee Manning. “I look up to Carlee, because she started out young and has progressed into something great.” Kaylee would like to attend college at Oregon State, because they have one of the best tumbling and acrobatics teams in the U.S.

Kaylee would like to cheer at Top Gun if she got the chance. Top Gun has won many world championships. Although Kaylee loves cheerleading, she does not want to own a gym or be a coach. She plans on ending her cheer career after college.

“I just wish people would realize how much hard work and dedication cheerleading takes and I hope everyone will start to consider it a sport soon,” she said.