Living the senior dream

IB senior has half days on both A and B days

by Caroline Cravens, Assistant Editor

Coming to class for only two periods a day sounds like the ideal option for most students. Is it really possible, though? It is. International Baccalaureate senior John McDonald has half days on both A and B days.

Most IB students don’t have any room in their schedule for a free period, but McDonald has room for four. McDonald comes to school at 2nd/6th period everyday, stays for Pride time and 3rd/7th period, then leaves. Which may not seem like a full day, but McDonald makes use with the rest of his time.

“I work a lot, sometimes I work before school since I don’t have a first period, and then I work right after school,” McDonald said. “I actually work around 40 hours a week, which is like working 9-5 five days a week, plus school and all my other stuff.”

McDonald started out with three-quarter days at the beginning of the year, then was able to get half days a month or so later.

“[I decided to get half days] whenever I found out that they existed,” McDonald said. “I knew that I didn’t need my 4th or 5th period classes in order to graduate, so I talked to Mrs. Cooper [and] she gave me a form; I had to write an essay, my parents had to write an essay, and then all of this stuff went to Mrs. Spicer. I’ve had half days for two and a half six-weeks now.”

According to McDonald, half days aren’t for everyone.

“Only if students can stay busy I’d say it’s good,” McDonald said. “It really lessens the workload from school and it gives you a breather your last year. But if you’re just going to use the time to sit home and be lazy, then I wouldn’t really recommend it because you could be spending your time going out having fun doing extracurriculars at school.”

Although McDonald isn’t at school much, he doesn’t really have time to spare.

“I’m either at the gym or at school or sleeping-in from working late the night before,” McDonald said. “So it’s like, I have time away from school, but I’m still really busy.”