Spotlight on Staff: Principal Brad Mansfield

by Makenna Willimas

Several students have noticed Mr. Mansfield’s recent absence from school. He has been a part of this school for so long that when he is not around, the atmosphere slightly changes. But don’t worry, he has a note from home.

Mr. Mansfield has served as principal for the past six years, but has been a part of the LHS family for the last nine years.

“I love Leander. The staff is spectacular, the students are outstanding, and the community is great!” Mr. Mansfield said.

After graduating from Eisenhower High School, Mansfield moved on to study science and sports exercise at Southwest Texas State University, now known as Texas State.

“My dad was into business, and my mom stayed at home. She really inspired me to get into the education field,” he said.

 Mr. Mansfield loves his job. “Leander High School has a great culture. The students are so supportive of each other. All the clubs do a great job of making the school a better place.”

But he doesn’t work 24 hours a day. When he’s at home, Mr. Mansfield likes to spend time with his two boys, Grant and Ryan.

“I like to spend time outside, but I’m also into watching CSI and listening to music. I like country, Texas rock, and classic rock.” He has an interesting collection of tunes on his iPod.

And that noticeable absence, well, his note from home explains that his wife of 11 years recently had their first daughter, Katie Ann, last Thursday. We will just mark it down as “excused.”