Student Spotlight: Canon Ochoa

by Kaylee Cisna, Staff Writer

Canon Ochoa is in 10th grade, and he is involved in football and FFA. He has multiple animals including a cat named Kitty, another cat named Kitty Dos, a dog named Tony, and another dog named Duppy.

His favorite Sonic drink is an Ocean water with vanilla. The last book he read was The Stranger, and the last movie he saw was Point Break.

His favorite teacher is Mr. Tarbet, “because I like his creativity,” said Canon. Canon’s favorite thing about LHS is the proximity from his home and if he ran the school, he would make there be no required credits to graduate.

One word to describe Canon would be “blunt.”  On shuffle, Canon’s first three songs were Mumford and Sons, Weezer, and Young the Giant. Canon is obsessed with The Onion (parody news).