Student Spotlight: Keaton Adcock


by Caroline Cravens, Staff Writer

A Student Spotlight is the result of a random interview with a Leander HS student.

Keaton Adcock is a sophomore, and a proud Christian.

“I’m a Christian and I’m not alone, and I’m obsessed with Jesus because he saved me,”  Keaton said.

Keaton has a dog named Rocky, and a couple of chickens. His favorite drink at sonic is a blue Powerade slush. He also is a member of the varsity tennis team.

Mr. Berkeley is Keaton’s favorite teacher. “Mr. Berkeley is my favorite teacher because he makes math enjoyable,”  Keaton said.

The last movie Keaton saw was The Avengers, and the last book he read was The Mark of Athens . “The Avengers was awesome!” Keaton said.