Student Spotlight: Mario Reyes

by Avery Regan , Staff Writer

Sophomore Mario Reyes is on the soccer team.  His favorite thing about LHS is how much school spirit everyone has. Mario’s favorite teacher is Ms. Hardy because he says, “she is funny and sweet.”

If Mario ran the school, he would change the prices on lunch. One word Mario uses to describe himself is outgoing. 

His is favorite sonic drink is a Cherry Limeade with a hint of vanilla. Mario is obsessed with McDonald’s and Justin Bieber.  The last book he read was The Alchemist, the last movie he saw was White Chicks.

Mario’s biggest worry is failing chemistry Pre- AP.  On shuffle, his first three iPod songs are, “Dreams” by Domo-genius, “Under 2″ by mellow- hype, and ‘Monster” by Lady Gaga.