Student Spotlight Q&A: Conner Evans


by Claire Kyllonen, Staff Writer


Q: What activities are you involved in at Leander?

A: “I’m in baseball.”

Q: What position do you play?

A: “I’m an outfielder, but I started left field last week.”

Q: Have you been on the team since you were a freshman?

A: “Yes, and I played pre-freshman baseball, too, but I’m not sure if that really counts.”

Q: What’s it like being on the baseball team?

A: “It’s pretty cool. Everybody there is pretty fun to hang out with.”

Q: How’d you get into baseball?

A: “My little brother was actually playing it, and he looked like he was having a lot of fun so I decided to try it.”

Q: Did your brother help you learn baseball?

A: “Not really. My dad helped, though, but he was bad at it.”

Q: Do you plan to go anywhere in the future with baseball?

A: “I’d like to get a scholarship for baseball.”

Q: What kind of classes are you taking?

A: “I’m all Pre-AP and AP World History.”

Q: What’d you think about your first day of school?

A: “Kinda crazy. Lunches are hard to find places to sit, but after that you kinda get into it.”

Q: What’s your favorite thing about Leander?

A: “The people. They’re all pretty fun. I just like hanging out.”