Student Spotlight: Rachel Moore

by Makenna Williams

A Student Spotlight is the result of a random interview with a Leander HS student.

Rachel Moore is an outstanding freshman in the band. After admitting that band is her favorite thing about school, she noted that she’s a Harry Potter fanatic and obsessed with Guns n’ Roses. In fact, she loves them so much that when she looks at her iPod, one of the top three songs is “Sweet Child O’Mine,” in addition to other cool jams like “Tuesday’s Gone” and “Communication Breakdown.”

Not only does she work hard in her classes, but she has a huge fear of not graduating in the class rank that she wants.

Because shes a part of the theater club, she has the oppertunity to hang out with upperclassmen. “Upperclassmen are definitely the biggest transition from middle school, to high school,” she said.