What It Takes to Be: an IB Blue Belle


Alex Norato

Steele dances in the annual iDance performance.

“Often imitated but never duplicated, your Leander High School Blue Belles!” Many Friday nights during football season, the words echo off the stands at Bible Stadium.

The Blue Belles take the field to “Welcome to the Jungle,” with their pom poms swishing and their fringe flying. Most of the Blue Belles are involved in dance and studio classes, spending at least 2 class periods in the Blue Belles studio. But there’s one Blue Belle who has a passion for academics even more than dancing. Senior Member-at-Large, Elizabeth Steele is an IB Student who is involved in National Honor Society and Student Council.

Steele has been involved in dance for several years. She was a Running Brushy Middle School Silver Star in 7th and 8th grades. During 8th grade, Steele held a line officer position, serving as 2nd lieutenant. Steele has been a Blue Belle for 3 years and was a Baby Belle her freshman year.

“I used to [take studio classes], but throughout the years, I’ve kind of grown more focused on school rather than dance,” Steele said. “So I’m not taking classes right now.”

Steele stays organized and manages her time wisely using an agenda. After getting home from school, Steele usually starts her homework around 9 p.m and finishes about 1 a.m. IB students are required to write an EE, or an Extended Essay. Steele chose to write hers about advertising techniques used in the 1960s. Her research question for her EE correlates with what she’s deciding to major in, when she attends college next fall. Steele is hoping to attend the University of Texas at Austin and earn a degree in Advertising.

“I kind of enjoy the EE, [but] I know people don’t like it though,” Steele said. “But I enjoyed it because I actually picked something that I’m interested in.”

In order to meet all of her obligations for the day, Steele gets up around 5:30 a.m and finishes any homework she had from the night before. After that, she gets ready and comes to school ready to take on the day.

Just like everyone else, Elizabeth enjoys Netflix and hanging out with her friends. Steele specifically enjoys comedy. Her favorite comedians are Bo Burnham and John Mulaney. Steele says the highlight of her high school career will hopefully be receiving her acceptance letter to the University of Texas.

“I don’t think it [my high school career highlight] has come yet,” Steele said. “I’m hoping it’s my acceptance letter into the university because that’s what will push me forward to the future.”