A Passion for Horses

Freshman Marley Rosseisen describes her experience with horseback riding lessons.


Laynie Duplantis

Freshman Marley Rosseisen

by Laynie Duplantis, Staff Writer

Taking equestrian lessons on and off since she was in fifth grade, freshman Marley Rosseisen has a strong passion for horseback riding. For the time being she’s only learning how to ride, but hopes to ride competitively one day. Horseback riding has been a great outlet for Rosseisen and continues to become more skilled in the sport.

Rosseisen has struggled with anxiety and depression for several years. She took her first lesson in fifth grade, but had to stop riding for a while due to financial problems within her family. She finds comfort and happiness with the horses and believes each one has their own personality. Since Rosseisen has been able to take lessons again, she has been riding for three consecutive months.

The horses always make me laugh and smile. Each one has a different personality, and I love them all.”

— Marley Rosseisen

“I’m trying to work harder so I can do competition [for jumping and showing],” Rosseisen said. “It has always been my dream since I was little, so I’m working towards that.”

Her very first lesson was learning the basics such as how to sit in a saddle properly and how your feet are supposed to go into the saddle. Since her first lesson, she has learned to bond with the horses and learned new techniques like jumping, galloping, cantering and trotting. Rosseisen continues to improve with her riding skills and says she becomes very relaxed while she’s riding a horse. Although Rosseisen doesn’t own her own horse, she says her favorite breed is the Fjord.

“I love the style of their mane and their gold-ish color,” Rosseisen said. “I think it’s just absolutely gorgeous.”

Rosseisen says that riding is relaxing and therapeutic, describing her riding experience as a huge feeling of peace running down her spine. She says the horses never fail to make her laugh and smile. In the short amount of time she’s been taking classes, Rosseisen says that riding keeps her concentrated and “staying out of your head.”

When she isn’t horseback riding, you’ll probably find her watching anime or catching up on her creative writing. In the future, Rosseisen plans to be an Equine Therapist, so her patients can ride and get the same experience that she enjoys.

“Riding keeps you concentrated on the lesson,” Rosseisen said. “I say anyone who deals with some struggles, it will change their view on life in a heartbeat when they ride a horse.”