ACT Comes to Leander


Jack Densmore

The ACT and SAT are often required tests to go to college.

by Jack Densmore, Staff Writer

For the first time, Leander ISD is giving juniors the opportunity to take the ACT test on campus during school hours. The test will be taken on April 28, 2015. Registration ends on January 30, 2015, so hurry and sign up! Registration costs $56. You can sign up for the ACT here.

Juniors at Leander High School have never before been given this opportunity. Many juniors will take this opportunity to take the ACT.

“I think it’s cool because it’s like our environment, we’re used to the school, so it’ll be less stressful than going to a different school and taking it,” junior Danielle Snow said.

Taking the ACT, as well as scoring high enough, is now required for juniors if they want to have senior seminar next year during their pride times.

“I have some practice tests that I’m going to take and some notes on tips on how to take the test that I’ll review,” Snow said.

The ACT also allows juniors to know how they will do in college. The ACT focuses more so on math and science which is different than the SAT. It also allows colleges to see your progress. Colleges also look at your scores for ACT and SAT for admission as colleges have a certain score that a student needs to attend the college. Taking the ACT now lets juniors know where they stand currently and also helps getting the test out of the way.

“I’m a little nervous, but I think I’m prepared,” Snow said.