AP Human Geography, The New AP Class for Freshmen

AP Human Geography is the new class added for freshmen. AP Human Geography is the study of human interactions in different parts of the world and how that affects their culture. The teachers for this class are very excited for the new year, the district has provided new textbooks and new workbooks for this class. In order to prepare for the AP test there will be a vocab test every Monday/ Tuesday and a map quiz every Thursday/ Friday. This is a real AP class, not Pre-AP. This is currently the only AP class offered to freshmen.

There was a large outcry for a freshmen AP class so they can be better prepared for AP World History their sophomore year. This class will also help parents get a feel for what their child will have to do in the next few years if they continue with the Distinguished Graduation Program.

About 250 freshmen are taking this class and this class will help them decide early on in their high school careers what graduation plan they would like to pursue.

Freshmen Emma Wall is part of the first freshmen class to take the course. “The class was easy at first,” she said, “[and] there is a lot of memorization, but Mr. Mancuso has songs for memorizing the work.”