Battle of the grades

Principal initiates attendance competition


Gigi Allen

The most recent scores for the grade level attendance battle. Posted weekly outside the AP office and the Attendance office.

by Gigi Allen, Staff Writer

A new game has been brought to the campus by Principal Tiffany Spicer but you have to show up to play. In an effort to raise attendance in the school, Spicer thought of making a competition for the different grade levels.

“Our goal for the end of the year is 97% attendance for the school as a whole,” Spicer said. “The thing people don’t realize about attendance is that you never start with 100%. Maybe you start with 98% which is really good, but as you go along people start just not showing up. We want to let students know that attendance matters and showing up is important. You have to come to work and you have to come to class.”

This competition isn’t without its perks according to Spicer. The winning grade at the end of semester will receive a mystery prize.

“Sophomores won last semester and are in the lead I think right now again,” sophomore Timothy Gabrielson said. “I think we are either getting an ice cream party or a DJ in the courtyard. If I could choose though it would be ice cream.”

The prizes for last semester’s win have not been handed out yet and the winning grade students are awaiting their arrival.

“We haven’t been given the prizes yet, but I am really looking forward to them,” sophomore Gavin Davis said. “Something only for us that no upperclassman could join in on. No offense to the upperclassmen. I hope we get options though if it is an ice cream party, maybe bring back fudge bars.”

At the junior class meeting when this competition was announced, the juniors grade level cheered in reaction to their third place status.

“They beat one class, the senior class, and that was great, but I know they can do better,” Spicer said. “I want to do the best at everything because I believe that our school has the best kids. This was an idea to learn how to improve attendance and I hope that this will make it fun for our students.”