Freshman first to get school laptops


Autumn Corbin

Freshmen had to sign waivers before they received their laptops.

by Jack Densmore and Claire Kyllonen

After a long-awaited first semester, freshmen were finally the first to acquire school licensed laptops this past week. The laptops were handed out in the Little Theater by mLISD. The laptops will be the students’ personal laptops, and for some classes, they’ll even be replacing binders.

“I like how small how it is and how they’re built to be really fast,” freshman Sebastian Kyllonen said. “It’s light-weight and easy to handle. The touch screen is also a big plus.”

The laptops are built with Windows 8 software and designed specifically to fit the needs of students. mLISD is using this semester as a trial run to decide whether or not they’ll allow upperclassmen to have laptops as well next year. It has not been confirmed that students will allowed to purchase their laptops at the close of the semester.