AFJROTC visits Camp Mabry

AFJROTC takes field trip to military museum


Major Neidecker

First year cadets stand in front of three tanks at Camp Mabry. Camp Mabry is a Texas Military Museum open to the public.

by Kyle Gehman, Staff Writer

The AFJROTC visited the military museum Camp Mabry in Austin to learn more about military history from Texas and around the world.

“During the visit, we watched a reenactment of a WWII battle,” senior Corps Commander Ann Maynard said. “We were able to learn about the German and American armies, their weapons, and the strengths and weaknesses of these weapons. Afterwards, we toured the Texas Military Forces Museum.”

Instructors Major Neidecker and Master Sergeant Perez and 45 First Year Cadets, members new to the ROTC program, attended the trip that was sponsored by their booster club. Every year the ROTC has a First Year Trip and this is the second year in a row they have attended Camp Mabry. This year they got to tour the Texas Military Forces Museum, watch a reenactment of a WWII battle and learn about weapons and tactics used during WWII.

The visit to the museum was an awesome reminder for us to honor the sacrifices of the men and women who have worn, and continue to wear, uniforms of our armed forces,” Maynard said. “It helped to reinforce our goal of thanking a veteran for the freedoms that we all enjoy.”

The visits purpose was to help first year cadets to know each other as well as their instructors better as well as increasing their appreciation for the Veterans currently and in the past.

“It helped because it was a more relaxed environment and less academic,” freshmen RaeAnne Krueger said. “It was easier to go up and talk to somebody.”

AFJROTC hopes to continue these annual field trips to encourage people to participate in the program even more and have everyone get to know each other better.

“The most important thing would be everyone spending time with and getting to know each other,” Maynard said.