AVID: An Explanation


Siandhara Bonnet

AVID, or Advancement Via Individual Determination

by Siandhara Bonnet, Editor-in-Chief

In high school, there are so many clubs, organizations, and classes, it can be difficult to decide what to join, especially on the road to college. AVID makes that transition and decision a little bit easier.

AVID, or Advancement Via Individual Determination, is a college readiness program that helps students get into college. Coach Kyla Mills teaches the freshmen and also helps juniors; sophomores go to English teacher Katherine Bjerke, some juniors are with Mrs. Elizabeth Garcia, and seniors work with choir director Mr. Spencer Wiley.

“A lot of the students that are in AVID have been in the program since middle school,” Garcia said. “They are taught various organizational strategies like Cornell notes. They are also given access to tutors every week that help them with questions they have in those pre-AP or AP classes they are taking.”

Students are required to take at least one pre-AP or AP class in order to be in the program. They are also required to do community service each year.

“We also teach them about the college admission process,” Garcia said. “AVID students have a counselor that guides them in choosing classes that will be beneficial when they are applying to colleges.”

Not only are students taught about college admissions, they’re taken on college visits.

“They get a real sense of what college is like and what type of college would be a good fit for them,” Garcia said. “During the college visit, they get a tour of the campus and they get the opportunity to talk to actual college students and admission counselors.”

Students also have the opportunity to work on their college applications; this includes resumes, cover letters, and college essays.

“Even though it seems like we do a lot of work, we also have a lot of fun in AVID,” Garcia said. “One of the core values of AVID is family. Every Friday we have a Friday Funday. These fundays are a chance for us to forget about all the hard work we have been doing and have fun with each other.”

This is the first year that there has been an AVID club, an extension of the program that allows students to do team building activities and community service.

“AVID is a program for students that want to challenge themselves in a supportive environment,” Garcia said. “Students in AVID are pushed to take the hard classes, but are given the tools and help that they need to be successful in them.”