Book Club reads The Girl on the Train

Movie doesn’t live up to book club’s expectations

by Gigi Allen, Staff Writer

The book club read The Girl on the Train, written by Paula Hawkinson, November 8th in their meeting. Some members watched the movie version of the book on their own time, but when they discussed it this movie divided them in opinion.

“We liked it because it had murder and action,” senior Jasmine Dorsey said. “[The book] was hot and new and had a movie.”

A woman, Rachel rides the same train everyday, so much so that she thinks she knows the couple who sit on their porch every morning when the train stops at a signal. When something terrible happens, it changes Rachel’s entire world.

“I loved the book and the movie,” Dorsey said. “But the movie wasn’t like the book. The book was in England and we got to see all these different towns as the train took its route. The movie was different because it was set in New York.”

The book club did not watch the movie officially due to its rating so they only held a discussion about the novel. One member said that they thought the book was bad, others disagreed.  

“The discussion went really good,” sponsor of book club Kari Bjerke said. “We try to read something with a movie and we couldn’t do that with The Girl on a Train because it was rated R. The next book we are reading will be The 5th Wave by Rick Yancey. They wanted to read something more action packed. We can watch the movie for The 5th Wave.”

They will be having a meeting to read The 5th Wave sometime in December. They will hold their discussion and after school watch the movie. The time has not been officially decided.