Club Spotlight: Photography Club

Photography Club begins again


Kyle Gehman

It is suggested that members own a camera not the cameras on their phones. People with both types of cameras can still participate in the club.

by Kyle Gehman, Staff Writer

Photography Club was started last year by current sophomores Megan Marshall and Jessica Trevarthen and was sponsored by English teacher Mrs. Dyer.

“We created Photography Club so we can share our passion with others,” Trevarthen said. “Plus it gives us a chance to learn new photography skills that we might not know ourselves.”

At meetings students teach other students the basics of photography and then assign a theme to work on for the week. Members go around campus practicing different types of composition and in the week after the theme is assigned members work on the prompt at home and at school, then at the next meeting there is a gallery walk to see the students work. Presidents are sophomores Megan Marshall, Jessica Trevarthen and Misty Valencia. There may be more officers if members would like to participate in running for positions.

“I enjoy getting to share pictures and learn from others how they got their pictures,” Valencia said. “People should join Photography Club to show off their pictures, help teach others what they know, and maybe learn something new themselves.”

Meetings are held on Wednesdays during PRIDE time in Mrs. Dyer’s room. It is suggested students own their own camera but students with phones can also participate. The club is planning on purchasing club shirts and getting badges so they can go around the school to take photos.

“We’re very much trying to up our game, compared to last year, we are a lot more organized,” Marshall said. “We are hoping that overall people will become better photographers and more in tune with the skills they are learning.”