Film Club to see Tim Burton’s Big Eyes

Showings will either be screened at Leander or a trip to a movie theater


Jack Densmore

Film Club will begin to show movies monthly next month.

by Jack Densmore, Staff Writer

Film Club will be going to a movie showing at Great Hills Trail at 7:50pm on Wednesday at the Regal Movie Theater. The movie being shown is a Tim Burton film called Big Eyes.

Film Club is not running the showing so you must buy a ticket from the Regal theater. There will also be another trip to Cinemark in Cedar Park to watch Into the Woods and UnbrokenInto the Woods will be showing at 4:10pm and Unbroken will be showing at 7:10pm.

Film Club is also working on volunteering for the upcoming SXSW.

“[I like how] the film club members can volunteer at SXSW, and Austin Film Festival. I’m hoping to [volunteer to be] the people who hold the doors open at the theaters and crowd people in, count people, that kind of thing, because then you can see films,” sophomore Frida Ballard said.

Although many people like watching movies on a TV or on their phone, some people like watching movies on the big screen.

“[I] like being around people, it makes it funnier, it makes a funny movie funnier, it makes a sad movie sadder it kinda makes it more dramatic,” Ballard said.