Foreign language clubs begin winter clothes closet

French, Latin, Spanish clubs start to collect clothes for next winter


Aimee Bozoudes

The box of clothes that have been donated and or made by those in Leander. Madame Davis has given three handmade hats and two handmade scarves.

by Aimee Bozoudes, Staff Writer

As the seasons turn and the unexpected warmth of February, as mentioned by teachers and students alike, rolls along into Spring, the French, Latin, and Spanish clubs, along with the PALS program, are gathering items to collect for the school’s new winter clothes closet.

“It’s a great idea since it can include so many people,” junior and vice president of the french club Frida Ballard said. ”Just about everyone has something even if it’s small. Hopefully, the clothes closet will provide plenty of warm garments for people to choose from and wear; there are few things more rewarding than to see someone else really using something you gave them.”

The idea came about when french teacher Madame Eden Davis brought the thought to Principal Ms. Spicer and while it took a few months to get it officially approved due to a lack of organizations at the time, it was finally done so near the beginning of February.

“I hope that the word will get around more, and people all over the school from all ages will donate to the closet,” Ballard said. “Maybe during the spring something could be organized where we all compile a pool of money and buy good quality clothes in sizes that may not have been covered just by donations, since in the warm weather, there are a lot of winter clothing sales.”

The clubs will not be accepting any items such as t-shirts or sweaters but only outerwear items such as new or gently used coats, jackets, hoodies, scarves, beanies, knit hats, and gloves for sizes ranging from small children to adults. Any and everyone is encouraged to bring in items that will help students and their family members in need of winter clothes prepare for next December. Items can be dropped off in Madame Davis’ room 2118 or Ms. McNay’s room 2218.

Hopefully, since this winter hasn’t turned out to be very cold, the garments can be used by someone next year,” Madame Davis said. “The hats and scarves should fit any teen/adult, and none of the items would be unusable by the following year. The hats and scarves should fit any teen/adult, and none of the items would be unusable by the following year to help our Leander Lion family.