Fundraising Through Pie



Students are welcome to make pies for the pie social.

by Austin Graham and Caroline Cravens

Smashing a pie into someone’s face is something dreamed about that’s always seen in cartoons and comedies like The Three Stooges. Now that dream can become a reality because of C2’s fundraiser “Pie In The Face.”

The fundraiser allows students to pay a dollar or two so they can launch a pie at a teacher or AP that has signed up for the event. Each teacher or AP stands behind a board with a single hole to put their face in when they are requested by a student. Money raised during “Pie In The Face” will then go towards C-Squared’s pie social.

“Every student had to donate whip cream so we would have it,” C2 sponsor Sarah Ambrus said. “We had to get teachers to sign up for it and be okay with it and know that its all in good fun. We had to coordinate the setup at lunches and advertise as well.”

The “Pie In The Face” event is to raise awareness for Peace Through Pie, a non-profit organization that aims to bring communities together through food and discussion.The organization also helps communities put on pie socials like the one that C-Squared will be doing on Wednesday in the Little Theater at 6pm.

“Since this is our second year doing it we didn’t have as much input from [Peace Through Pie],” senior Jasmine Peralez said. “So the social is completely in our control, but they help contribute ideas and ways that we can achieve the true goal of a pie social. Which is for people to come together in unity for a greater cause over food that can be shared, like pie.”

During “Pie In The Face” it is $1 to throw a pie at a teacher of the students choice, or $2 at an AP. The event will take place during all lunches. On Wednesday in the Little Theater at 6pm the pie social will be held (entrance is free), and students can bring food to share with others.