Club Spotlight: Harry Potter Club


Brianna Sabrsula

Harry Potter club is welcoming new members for future meeting and events. They plan on hosting quidditch tournaments.

by Brianna Sabrsula, Staff Writer

If you like everything to do with the Harry Potter series and others who share the same spirit, then the Harry Potter Club is for you. Many of the students in the group have been avid Harry Potter fans including the leader of the group, sophomore  Anil Mehta.

“I have been a fan of the series since 6th grade,” Mehta said. “What I like is being able to embrace the wizarding world instead of being stuck in our mundane one. The series has opened up a world of hope and possibility not only to me, but millions worldwide.”

They meet in Mr. Tobler’s room (2217) every Friday during Pride Time and are planning their next meeting to be open to everyone before they start making plans on some activities such as making Harry Potter themed treats and games of muggle quidditch. The group is focused on spreading the word of the club and are looking to welcome new members, whether you know anything about Harry Potter or not.

“I just wanted to create a fun and safe place for members of the fandom to get together and have a good time,” Mehta said. “The club itself is able to adapt to what its members want [and] need. The series has promoted many positive messages and tackled serious real world problems.”

Get decked out in your Harry Potter gear, grab a broom and get ready to celebrate the Harry Potter series with a group of like minded muggles!