Keep Calm and Study Math

Two juniors reactivate Math Honor Society


Mu Alpha Theta 2014 officers, from left to right: Vice President Kimberly Orr, Co-Presidents Claire Kyllonen and Sydney Platt, and Secretary Molly Aldred.

by Claire Kyllonen, Staff Writer

After a year of inactivity, Mu Alpha Theta is now in the process of reactivation on campus. Mu Alpha Theta, a national math honor society based in Oklahoma, is a society dedicated to promoting the enjoyment and further understanding of mathematics, while also promoting scholarship among its members.

Due to lack of interest and fumbled paperwork, the local chapter was stripped of national recognition last year, and any records were simply put aside. What the club needed was dedicated members. That’s when juniors Sydney Platt and Claire Kyllonen decided to take action.

“We decided that it was an important club that we really wanted to be involved with,” junior Sydney Platt said. “We knew we just needed to work to bring it back.”

The two juniors began questioning teachers and other staff about what they could do to reactivate the society. They soon discovered the multiple requirements of signatures and paperwork was the easy part. The obstacle lay at finding a sponsor.

“Even now we still don’t have a permanent sponsor,” Platt said. “All we have right now is our temporary sponsor, Mr. Mansfield.”

Brad Mansfield, principal, has helped the juniors in their search for a sponsor. However, due to lack of interest, he decided to step in temporarily.

“I think it’s an important way for kids to connect, and not only resume-build and develop their own brand of who they’re going to be, but also for them to be a part of something that’s academically oriented,” Mansfield said. “If they really stay committed to it, it’ll really take off.”

So far, the club has held it’s first interest meeting, which Platt said had a great turnout. The club has scheduled its election meeting to run the positions of Vice President, Secretary, and Treasurer. Kyllonen and Platt will serve as Co-Presidents.

“Since Claire and I re-started the club, it feels natural to become the Co-Presidents,” Platt said. “We’ve got big plans, and we’re really excited.”

The juniors plan to use the remainder of the year to build the club back up from the ground and get ready for next fall.

“We plan on growing a lot,” Platt said. “We also want to plan on going to math competitions and really getting involved in tutoring other kids. That’s our main goal.”

Mansfield said it’s been a great opportunity to watch the students become leaders and take on heavier responsibilities.

“I hope it gets the kids interested in what math can offer,” Mansfield said. “There’s a lot of opportunities out there for them.”

Kyllonen and Platt plan on maximizing the opportunities for their fellow members.

“It’s going to be a lot of fun,” Platt said. “It’s not just about math; it’s about getting to know other people around you through math.”