Lions With Style Helps Food Pantry

by Caroline Cravens, Assistant Editor

Every other Thursday, the Lions With Style club travels to Rockpointe View Church to aid with the church’s food pantry. Students help by bagging food and carrying grocery bags for people who come to the food pantry for support. Lions With Style started assisting the Rockpointe View food pantry on September 18th, meeting at school at 5:45 pm and taking cars over to the church.

The four ideals that are a part of the clubs mission are: dress and appearance, health/fitness, community service, and treatment of one another. The overall club mission is to make students become better people in society.

“As one of our core beliefs, community  service, [helping with the food pantry] is important to us in order to have a positive impact on society,” senior club president Juan-Miguel Perez said. “Many people do not realize the threat of hunger that’s here in Leander, and through the food pantry  we can help combat that hunger one family at a time. We also encourage people to remember those who don’t have it as good as us, by doing community service, whether it be the food pantry or a food drive. We can give those in need a better chance and hope in their lives.”

Members stay for two hours or so at the food pantry, and help several families with their groceries.

“It really gives you a strong sense of unity in the community,” sophomore member Jared Bouloy said. “I also like that I get to meet and talk to people from all different walks of life.”

The Lions With Style club meets every Thursday after school in Sra. Feliciano’s room (2103), all students from Leander are invited to join the club.