“Let your Imagination Fly” with PTSA Reflections

Students express themselves through different art forms with the Reflections Program


Jack Densmore

The PTSA poster for the contest “Let your Imagination Fly”. Last year’s theme was “Believe, Dream, and Inspire”.

by Natalie Ditsler, Staff Writer

The PTSA has a Reflections contest that allows students to express themselves and be recognized for their artistic talents every year. A theme is given and entries can be done through six different categories, dance choreography, film production, literature, music composition, photography and visual arts. This year’s theme is “Let your Imagination Fly”.

“The purpose of Reflections is to encourage and celebrate creativity in our schools,” PTSA Reflections Chair Trish Gage said.

Reflections began in 1969 and was started by the Colorado PTA President Mary Lou Anderson. Themes for the Reflections Program are submitted to the National PTA by students from all over the U.S each year. Students with the winning theme entry receive a cash reward. The student who submitted the “Let your Imagination Fly” theme this year was Rachel Sperry from Northwood, ND. Reflections began in 1969 and was started by the Colorado PTA President Mary Lou Anderson.

There are multiple leaves the entries can win,” Gage said. “It starts off at the campus level with the top 20% of entries in each category moving on to the district level. From there they can move on to the state level and then the national level. At each stage there are Awards of Excellence and Awards of Merit. At the national level students are invited to attend the Annual National PTA Reflections art exhibit in Washington D.C. as well as earn cash awards.”

Last year’s theme was “Believe, Dream, Inspire” all national winners for each category can be found here. Each entry requires a personal interpretation of the theme that is then viewed by judges.

“Last year there were not very many entries but the PTA is growing and hopes to increase awareness and entries,” Gage said.  “I am hopeful more students will take the time to “Let Your Imagination Fly” and enter.”

The deadline for entries will be November 4th. Entries can be submitted to the front office. All guidelines and other information can be found here.

“I think it gives students a chance to show case their talents in way that is unique to them,” publications adviser Mrs. Bell said. “They can pick a subject or topic that fits them.”