Prepping for prom

Money saving tips for prom


Zelle Duda via Unsplash

Corsages and Boutonnieres come from a tradition when flowers were worn to make one smell nice while dancing with their partner. Today, they are used as accessories to go with the dress or tuxedo.

by Amanda Nguyen, Staff writer

With prom only a month away, many of you are probably rushing to find the perfect dress, shoes, hairstyles and many other necessities needed for the big night. Here is a list of essential ways on how to have the best prom night in the least expensive way.

Carpool with your group and pitch in for gas! There’s nothing wrong with arriving in your mom’s SUV if it means saving money. Another option is splitting the cost of a limo. This option will be cheaper than paying for it all yourself.

Look for deals on websites like Groupon or have a potluck at a friend’s house! Groupon has deals for large or small groups for a lower price and you and your friends can split the cost on how much dinner will cost for all of you. Having a potluck is also a good way to save money because everyone can bring something and everyone can share.

The dress
Many department stores start selling prom dresses around March, however, that’s when they’re most expensive. Shopping for a dress off-season is your best bet to scoring the perfect dress. You could also borrow from a family member or a friend who has a dress they’ve worn maybe once before. Girls who have been to prom before are always looking to get rid of their dresses and most of the time are selling it for a way cheaper price than what the normal price was. Bridal dress shops such as David’s Bridal are also great places to look for dresses.

There’s nothing wrong with borrowing jewelry from a family member or a friend. No one will know and it’s better than spending $20 plus dollars on pieces of jewelry that you might only where for one night. If you borrow, you can return them and not worry about it costing a thing. This goes for shoes too! Another option is to go to stores that are closing their doors. They offer big discounts on things like shoes, dresses, jewelry and more.

Hair and makeup

Prom hair and makeup is the second most important thing after the dress. It can get really expensive if you go to a salon because most people charge at least $100. Going to a local cosmetology school or watching Youtube videos on how to do your hair and makeup is your best bet. Not only will it be the least expensive option, but you will also be giving someone more experience.

A corsage is one of the must needs in a prom experience. It completes the outfit and is something you can save for memories. People wouldn’t think to go to a grocery store for a corsage, but they’re actually one of the best places to go to! H-E-B’s floral section sells corsages for about $10-$12 and they are stunning.