Student Spotlight: Jazmin Mendoza

Student works her way through IB

by Arie Shaver, Reporter

Every morning, junior Jazmin Mendoza wakes up early to catch the bus to school. Living an hour away has proved to be an inconvenience for her, but to continue her studies in Leander, she’ll gladly ride through the long drive. 

“All my friends are here, and my sister attended LHS so I feel this is where I belong,” Mendoza said. “I live far away, so the IB program has given me an opportunity to continue going to school where I feel comfortable and can get the most out of my education.”

While being a full-time student, Mendoza also balances working a job into her schedule as well as doing service activities for Key Club and PALS.  

“I have homework every single day and it can be hard to get my assignments turned in on time,” Mendoza said. “Working at Super donuts has its benefits, but sometimes I just want to rest or hang out with friends.”

To keep organized, Mendoza keeps a bullet journal. 

“Planning and writing anything I want releases so much stress,” Mendoza said. “Writing down due dates and planning when to do assignments and homework helps me with time management and staying on top of things.”

Mendoza will continue to work hard in IB through this year and next. She looks forward to graduating with an IB diploma as she hopes to continue her studies at UT Austin. 

“I recommend IB for anyone who is willing to take a challenge and can handle a lot of work,” Mendoza said. “My goal is to make the best out of this year and next. I have faith that I can achieve it.”