Students Raise Money While Raising Spirits

By Lauren Smith

  When a group of students take it upon themselves to help the less fortunate, humility rises in all who bear witness. This Fall, the Leander High School ICAP students displayed this better than ever.

  Hearing about an opportunity to give money to the Dell’s Children Hospital, the students came up with the idea of “Boo Bags.” “Boo Bags” were filled with candy and stickers and were sold to students at all lunches. They were delivered twice weekly, leading up to Halloween.

  As friends started “boo-ing” each other, the ICAP students were able to learn about business and help rather than be helped. Not only was it monetarily valuable, it was also a beneficial learning experience for the students.

  Upon learning that however much money they earned for the hospital would be doubled, the students decided to use half of the money to buy toys and books for the children at the hospital, as well as donating a check.

  The students were able to take the check and gifts directly to the hospital and take a tour while they were there. Raising $800 total for the hospital, these students show us that if they can do it, anybody can.