Teacher Spotlight: Shawn Doctor

New IB Coordinator on campus


Hailey Gill

IB Coordinator Shawn Doctor, poses in his office for his feature story

by Jharna Kamath, Reporter

Taking on new responsibilities, one on a larger scale than you are used to is always challenging. When that responsibility can affect hundreds of students, parents, and the welfare of an established program, that responsibility may become even more daunting. Regardless, Shawn Doctor is ready to take these challenges on.

Though he has been involved in the International Baccalaureate program for 15 years teaching History of the Americas, this is Doctor’s first year at LHS, and his first year as coordinator. He worked at Lamar High School before and said that the main difference he’s noticed is the size of the program, with almost four times as many students. 

“My first impression [of Leander students] is that they seem pretty happy,” Doctor said. “They’re a great group so far, outgoing, very very nice to talk to.”

Doctor said the program has already been very successful, but he has some ideas for improvements to make. He said he wants to find opportunities to celebrate and recognize the effort students put in. 

“I hope to be able to provide some events that will be a way for [I.B. students] to blow off stress,” Doctor said. “I really want to try and have the program be something that people are excited about, [so they] understand the benefits as opposed to looking at the hard work that’s involved.”

However difficult, Doctor said that the I.B. program provides the best opportunity for students to grow.  He sees it as developing students as complete people as opposed to focusing solely on academics. 

“I just feel that it is the best program that I have seen that prepares you guys for college, [or] whatever you do after this” Doctor said. 

Doctor said that a personal challenge is to keep all of his students looking forward. He advises that students keep the journey in mind, instead of only focusing on the large amount of work involved. 

“One of the biggest things about this program is that when you’re done with it, you look back at the process,” Doctor said. “You’ll be really happy to be done with [the exams], but the whole process, the whole couple [of] years that it took and for you guys to see the growth, that’s what’s important.”