Testing troubles

AP exam submission errors


Jharna Kamath

Online testing proves to be flawed.

by Jharna Kamath, Reporter

Online AP exams started last week and will continue through May 22. Though a majority of students have been able to submit their exams without any problems, a few have encountered problems with the online submission system.

“All my photos were in the correct format and everything, but when I went to click submit, it said that there was an error and it wasn’t able to complete [the submission],” junior John David Thor said. “After that, I tried deleting everything and uploading it again and it still didn’t work.”

For students whose exams did not submit, College Board required them to fill out a form explaining the error and signing them up for a make-up exam in June. 

“I’m upset at having to wait until June and continue to study and keep it all fresh to be prepared for that [exam],” Thor said. “I put all that time and effort into it just to be wasted on an error statement.”

New measures were put into place on Monday so that students that receive an error message this week will be able to submit their files to an email address immediately after finishing their exam.