Kade Ferguson performs ‘Baby’ by Justin Bieber

Video by Miracle Allison and Avery Reagan

Story by Sabrina Pratt

    At first glance, Kade Ferguson seems like a typical freshman. He just recently made the freshman baseball team, but this freshman is far from typical. He’s destined for stardom because of his love of performing and his passion for music.

   He happens to have a ton of friends to help support him; they have nothing but great things to say. Every single one of them described him as smart, funny, and very outgoing. One even said, “Kade is super nice, probably one of the nicest guys I’ve ever met!”

   It also doesn’t hurt that girls melt when they hear him sing. Many have said, “He’s so cute! He sounds just like Justin Bieber.”

    Kade said, “I like JB because he’s doing what he loves; he’s doing it to impact fans and is very successful at it.”  He was quick to point out that he doesn’t want to be compared to Bieber. “I want to be known as Kade with my own style that isn’t like anyone else’s,” he said.          

   Kade has serious goals for his talent. “I’d like to be a singer, song writer, and to play the guitar for my career, and if I’m not able to make that happen, then I’d like to do anything that involves music.”

   He admits, “I’m not exactly sure what steps I have to take to make that happen, but I’m going to start with trying to get my name out there as much as possible hoping that someone can make things happen for me will hear me and want to help.”

   He mentions that he has been singing and playing the guitar his whole life. It’s obvious that he is truly passionate about it. He said “I taught myself most of everything I know.” He has taken guitar and singing lessons, but not for very long.

   Kade comes from a family that is into music and performance, they love it just as much as him. He and his five siblings have all been active in our LHS drama department. His whole family plays for fun, which means he gets his practice during that time.

   “Other artist’s music have been a huge impact to my life; I really pay attention to what they are saying and the message they are trying to get out to people. I would like to write my own music with messages that could possibly impact others like some did for me,” Said Kade.

   Everyone wants to know what type of music Kade likes to play the best. “Pop is my favorite, but country music is right behind. I like to play happy music that puts everyone in a good mood,” said Kade.

   Kade explains the reason he loves playing music is that it is a way to express himself in his own way; he loves to just have fun with it. “Playing music relaxes me, and it’s my way to escape,” he said.

   A great advantage is that Kade can do what he loves while playing with family and friends. He is simply one of those kids that is so nice and caring and would do anything to keep his friends and family happy. What’s a better way to bond with them than doing what they all love?