When pranks become Dinner

  By Haley Hartwick

Everybody loves some good homemade spaghetti and everybody loves when Mom makes tacos for dinner but what happens when these two delicious meals are put together? Spaghetti tacos, sounds crazy right? It all started on the hit nickelodeon show ‘iCarly ‘ when Carly’s older brother Spencer made dinner for Carly and her friends one night, but the unusual combo was suppose to be played as a joke. This punch line has become the new popular cuisine for kids. All over America more and more Moms have been serving spaghetti tacos for their kids, at slumber parties, potluck dinners, or just regular family meals. Reruns, internet blogs, and of course children talking has made this sensation more popular they even featured the spaghetti tacos in five more episodes.

  Dan Schneider, the creator of iCarly came up with the gag three years ago when writing the first season of iCarly in November of 2007. He can’t believe how much the odd idea has really taken off. He even admits that he loves spaghetti tacos and the taste of them. They are actually one of his favorite foods! He says that this idea is good for this generation because it’s reinventing culture. They are so easy they can be eaten to go in the car!

  So gather up friends and family and try something new. Who knows this might end up becoming a family favorite recipe. It’s so simple the ingredients are just spaghetti, meaty spaghetti sauce, and hard-shelled tacos. Cook spaghetti and sauce according to directions to the package. An easy way to tell if your spaghetti is done is to throw it against a hard surface and see if it sticks. If it’s done it will stick. When ready drain out water from pasta. Stir the sauce and add cheese if preferred. Last but not least take out a big spoon and stuff the spaghetti into your taco shell… gobble down, and enjoy!
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