Students unite for 2012 Lipdub video

by Valerie Garner

Story by Valerie Garner; Video shot and edited by Matt Broussard

On April 4, 2012, LHS produced its very first lip dub video! Shawna Queen, the head of student council, got the idea from her old high school. So, student council worked on the idea for a few months, got several students together, and filmed!

A recent phenomenon known as lip dubbing has taken hold across the globe. A lip dub is a music video combining audio dubbing and lip synching. A group of people perform while it’s filmed in one continuous shot.

LHS decided to do a lip dub to enhance the school’s unity, show school-spirit as well as talents, and encourage participation in school events and activities. About 50 clubs and organizations participated in the video. Both students and teachers performed in the video. Planning for the video took months, but for LHS, the outcome was worth it.

Every participant’s positive energy flowed into the lip dub. All the clubs, organizations, and teachers truly came together as one. LHS really pulled off this event. Go Lions!