Shaking Things Up to the Harlem Shake

by Valerie Garner, Editor-in-chief

The Harlem Shake, the new fad that is quickly gaining popularity, is based on viral videos. The craze hit Youtube in the beginning of February and already has over 6 million hits. While people are dancing, the videos feature the song Harlem Shake by the electronic artist Baaur. At the beginning each video, one person, surrounded by other people, is dancing alone. Once the bass drops, everyone starts dancing, or doing something rather strange.

Mr. Mansfield led students in filming a Harlem Shake (Leander Edition) video after school in the cafeteria on Wednesday, February 20.  Mr. Mansfield danced by himself for the first few seconds before students joined in.

Students showed up to film the video with tons of school spirit. They dressed in crazy costumes and used their most outrageous dance moves.

“I saw a girl in a banana costume with a gorilla mask!” sophomore Siandhara Bonnet said.

Excitement and energy filled the entire cafeteria.

“It was really cool to be there,” Michael Carr, senior, said, “I could really feel and see all the energy.”

Students and staff are looking forward to seeing the video. The video is currently being edited and will soon be posted on The Roar.