Bible stadium: now a part of history

v  By Claire Toomey  

   Out with the old and in with the new. The stadium has come down. Reconstruction on the new Bible stadium began on Saturday Nov. 8, 2008, just after the completion of the 2008 football season.

   The old stadium had been the only stadium in LISD and was constructed in 1984. It was bought from Odessa ISD (their Barrett Stadium) and was trucked to Leander in numbered pieces and reconstructed like an Erector set. Countless fans have sat in this stadium, starting with the 1947 season opening game in Odessa up until the last game of the 2008 season in Leander. Many memories are housed in this stadium, known as Leander Stadium, until the name was changed to Bible Stadium in 2000, honoring a well-known community leader. 

   As the new construction project is already underway and the stadium isn’t scheduled to be finished until just before the beginning of next football season, events such as soccer games and track meets will be held at Rouse High School this year.

   Many are wondering why the need for a new stadium. There are actually several reasons.  The paint of the old stadium was lead-based and would have to have been replaced regardless, at a huge cost. The bathrooms were in need of much repair. The turf was the old type, which caused numerous burns and injuries. And lastly, the press box was out-dated and not equipped to handle the crowds brought in by 5A football.

   It is evident that a new stadium is needed to correct the problems.  New turf has already been put down. One of the biggest changes will be moving the home side to the west side of the field, so our fans will no longer have to look into the sun. The baseball field behind the stadium will be converted into a parking lot which will help with traffic issues before and after games. The restrooms will be new and working properly, and the seating will be roughly the same as the old stadium.

   The new press box will be larger and easily accessible. There will be an elevator from the ground floor to the press box, as well as new media rooms.

   Because of the district-wide building of three stadiums, some items were cut from the original plans that affected all three sites.

   “We are very fortunate to have a new facility at our high school. It will no doubt create a lot of pride for our players and fans,” said Steve Gideon, head football coach.  

   Leander and Rouse will share one stadium, Cedar Park and Vista will share another, and one will be built at Vandergriff at the farthest point southwest.