Biden’s Aid Package Isn’t as Ambitious as it Seems


by Laksha Vijaikumar, Editor

So, unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past couple months, then you’re surely aware of the situation occurring in Ukraine. And when I say “situation”, I really just mean war. Anyway, President Biden recently gave $800 million in aid to Ukraine. Sounds like good news, right? Wrong.
Well, I mean, yes that’s good news, but that’s only the beginning of Ukraine’s long list of financial troubles. To put the 800 million dollars in perspective, Ukraine needs $50 BILLION to rebuild everything. So before any of y’all are like “Oh, $800 million? By golly, guess the war is over haha”, just know that’s only 1.6% of what Ukraine needs to rebuild its country and give aid to its citizens.
You know, I seriously don’t know why Russia is still going through this war. What would they even get out of this? Actually a lot. They get a LOT out of this. Ukraine’s, like, insanely rich in minerals, such as coal and iron.
I mean, I feel like it’s kind of inevitable that Russia going to war over Ukraine is just going to bite them in the butt. Apparently, a bunch of UN leaders are deciding to make Russia “foot the bill” for the war. I’m sorry, but what?
This is kind of reminiscent of the aftermath of World War I, when Germany had to pay reparations, which led to them becoming really broke, which then led to insane inflation, which then led to the rise of Hitler, and we all know what that led to…..Now, I’m not trying to jinx anything, but nothing is going to come out of punishing the country instead of the leader, Putin.
Ugh. I hate that guy. Like, how are you going to have no swag, and try to take over an entire country? It doesn’t work like that buddy. Man, I should NOT be talking crap about Putin online. Remember what happened to that reporter, Alexei Navalny, that said the reign of the Kremlin needed to end? HE GOT POISONED! Bro, if I get shot in the head, we all know who’s behind it…