Choir students progress to state

v  By Claire Toomey 

    Choir students are advancing to State UIL. Many LHS students received superior ratings and medals at the Regional UIL Solo and Ensemble competition held this past Friday Feb. 20 at Westwood High School.

   Gold solo medalists progressing to State UIL are Amber DeLeon, Jesse Salazar, Ashley Willeford, Ciera Pugh, Sarah Robertson, Rob Saldana, Ariel Harris, Zachary Adler, Whitney Wick, Walker McNabb and Kaitlin Picket. Gold ensemble medalists progressing to State UIL are Ariel Harris, Siggy Hinderer, Walker McNabb, Ciera Pugh, Sarah Robertson, Jesse Salazar, Rob Saldana, Stephanie Wangui, Whitney Wick and Ashley Willeford.

   “Please pat these kids on the back when you see them” said Brian Davis, choral director. “It takes guts to stand in front of that judge and perform a piece of classical music from the heart, soul and mind.”

   Best of luck at state!