COLE: A New Club

All about the new COLE Club


Photo by: Savanna Clapp

Founders of the COLE Club, juniors Chandrika Narne (left) and Chase Weyermen (right).

by Haley Hausam, Reporter

Juniors Chandrika Narne and Chase Weyerman started a new club called the “Community of Labor Economists Club,” or the COLE Club. The main purpose of this club is to help students with resumes, volunteering, internships and general career search.

“We were thinking about starting this club for a while,” Narne said. ‘Some kind of club that’s like, you know, is kind of open because Chase is in theater and I was playing sports at the time. It was just like finding a community that was welcoming of that heavy schedule and there were a lot of students who felt that way. Which is why I wanted to start a club like this in particular.”

Narne and Weyerman met in their sophomore year in a computer science class that neither of them really fit into. They discussed making a club together but it didn’t work out due to the extracurriculars both of them were involved in. They also attempted to bring the FBLA organization to school, but that didn’t work out either because the school already hosts the DECA and HOSA clubs. Now, they’ve finally gotten the opportunity to start COLE.

“Helping people find what they want to do is something that’s always been interesting to me because I never know what I want to do,” Narne said. “I know there’s so many students out there who don’t know what they want to do with what they want to major in or what they’re interested in. And I like helping students find that and also making it a community.” 

The COLE Club has decided to meet over zoom that ranges from every two weeks to once a month. Many students have jobs or responsibilities outside of school that may make it difficult for them to attend meetings. If someone can’t make it to a meeting, all Zoom meetings will be recorded and posted on google classroom. If you’d like to join the Google Classroom, the code is a3p6irq. 

I would say one primary goal is having Career Day at the end of the school year,” Narne said. “That’s something as a whole club that we want to work towards, planning that for everybody, gathering organizations at our school and maybe finding professionals to come speak about advice and everything.”