Flash flooding changes LISD schedule

Recent rains contribute to confusion and damage for central Texas


J Dimas via Flickr CC

Due to flash flooding these signs are placed in areas prone to the floods. People are advised to avoid standing water on roads as best as they can.

by Kyle Gehman, Staff Writer

Last week the Austin area received around 7 inches of rainfall and tornado warnings which changed and cancelled student activities and district events.

The sudden rains created flash floods all around central Texas. The Austin Bergstrom Airport was closed due to the amount of rain they received, during the hour of 9 A.M they received 5.76 inches. The rain storms and difference of air pressure and temperature also caused LISD schools to have tornado warnings issued. On Friday, students had to be evacuated from the school because of a fire inside the school, then stand out during a rainstorm and be evacuated back into the building because of a tornado warning.

“It was frustrating because it took away from our class time,” sophomore Matt Mancuso said. “We didn’t get to have PRIDE time and I couldn’t work on class work.”

The weather also forced LISD to temporarily close all grass fields. Varsity football games were postponed until Saturday to let the water drain off of the fields and because of travel concerns. Three games were played on Saturday afternoon instead of Friday night. The Coaches have to follow a specific schedule to know what to do with weather delays.

“Thor, the lightening meter, goes off [and] we immediately go in,” Head Coach Tim Smith said. “We will not start the game after 10pm. We would not continue the game after a delay after 10:30. The game, if delayed, would continue Saturday and if Saturday was delayed it would [be played] Monday.”

Driving for events has also been disrupted by the rain because of unsafe road conditions. The district does not want to be responsible for accidents due to driving on unsafe roads to attend a district event so some events must be cancelled or delayed.

The extreme amount of rain in such a short time has pushed rivers and creeks to rise into neighborhoods and wash over highways,” Angela Fritz said on The Washington Post.

The extreme amount of rain in such a short time has pushed rivers and creeks to rise into neighborhoods and wash over highways.”

— Angela Fritz