New Brand for LISD


Siandhara Bonnet

A screen cap from the Leander ISD Website

by Siandhara Bonnet, Editor-in-Chief

Superintendent Dr. Bret Champion released a video on the Leander ISD website explaining the “new brand” for the district in late December, starting the new year with a fresh, new look.

In the video, Champion explains what a brand is.

“Essentially, a brand is a promise,” Champion said. “It’s the way an organization wants to be thought of, how an organization is differentiated.”

He also explains that the brand was changed in order to give LISD an identity.

“In true Leander ISD fashion,” Champion said, “we convened a committee to look into [who is Leander ISD, who do you stand for, what are your values] and help illustrate our promise.”

The new brand for LISD, “Leading to a Bright Future,” was created using the guiding documents which are what student success is modeled after in the district. and is introduced through Champion’s words, encouraging that the brand is a good thing, that it will give the students of the district their best chance.

“We know that if we are encouraging, supporting, challenging, and fostering a love for learning in our students, that the learning models will come to life for every student,” Champion said. “Students will have every option open.